In 2008, I combined my love of books with my love of parties. The idea was simple... our family would choose and read a great book. I would invite others to read the same book. I would collect $5 from each participant, plan games, contests, decorations, food and prizes all focused on the theme of the book! The money given by each participant would allow an ample budget for loads of book club party fun! The parties have been wildly successful. As a homeschool mom, I'm proud to say that we learn a little something, too!

Read more here about me, my family and my Book Club Parties. Discuss with me upcoming books and parties, make book suggestions, discuss other books I've read or books you're reading. Also, hopefully (sometime soon) get complete BOOK CLUB PARTY INSTRUCTIONS for all the book club parties I've thrown since 2008!

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

UNHOLY NIGHT by Grahame-Smith

     I have to admit, I was sort of afraid to read this one.  I mean, historic-fiction is amazing... but we are talking about the Bible here.  I believe the Bible and was seriously thinking this book might be in some way be a bit blasphemous!
     I am happy to report that it was not, and I absolutely LOVED the book.  Basically Balthazar is a thief who pretends to be a wiseman when he escapes from Herod's prison and certain death.  Upon stumbling upon the Baby Jesus and his mom and dad, he has no choice but to help them escape when first born boys around them are being killed right and left.  I guess even a hardened criminal has a heart!  During this non-stop race to stay alive, Balthasar crosses paths with Pontius Pilate and John the Baptist.  It truly is the greatest story NEVER told, and the ending... REALLY GREAT.
    5 stars for this one.  I LOVED it and cannot wait to discuss it at our December book club party!!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

The Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

Mare Barrow's blood is red, but her world is one ruled by those with silver blood who also have supernatural abilities.  Somehow Mare ends up in the palace only to discover she has powers of her own.  Not knowing what to do after Mare, a simple red's powers are publicly on display, the King decides to hide her skills.  He forces Mare to pretend she is  a long lost silver princess finally returned to her rightly home.  She is betrothed to the King's youngest son living her own lie in a palace of many lies.  To complicate matters, Mare joins the Scarlett Guard, an elite group brave enough to rebel against the silvers and the noble families unfair rule over the reds.  It's not long before Mare is way in over her head!

This book is the first of four, and guess what?  THEY ARE ALL on my audible account!  I can't wait for book #2.  Book number one surprised me... I'm not sure if it's because I listened to most of this book from behind the wheel as I was working or if I'm loosing my book predicting abilities.  Either way, I was shocked, and I like it when a book can do that.  5 stars for this one.

Sunday, April 8, 2018

I want a Great Aunt Sadie!

I adore old people and have for as long as I can recall.  They have stories to tell, but I think often times they are seen as wrinkly people who have always been wrinkly and worn-out having never living a life other than that.  I totally loved that TWENTIES GIRL makes the reader stop and think about just that.  Great Aunt Sadie is 105 years old and has lost something very important to her.  She wants it back, but there is one tiny little problem... Great Aunt Sadie is dead!  That doesn't stop her though.  She perseveres and discovers her great niece Laura can see and hear her!  What follows is a wild ride of Sadie living vicariously through Laura and along the way teaching her how to really live.  Sadie's philosophy... "Darling, when things go wrong in live, this is what you do--- lift your chin, put on a ravishing smile, mix yourself a little cocktail and out you go."  I love Great Aunt Sadie!

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty --- NOT

     NOT your ordinary fairy tale for sure, but amazing!  The first two books take place on earth after the 4th World War.  We meet a charming Prince, a cyborg mechanic named Cinder, her droid with a faulty personality chip and Cinder's evil stepmother and her two step-sisters who all live in China... the Common Wealth.  The second book introduces us to Scarlett who is French, a Queen-made mutant named wolf, a cyber-genious named Cress who is a prisoner in a satellite forced to do the Queen's biding and a rogue yet handsome and charming thief and pilot.  The third book takes place in Luna... yes, that would be the moon and people (lunars) live.  Unfortunately they are ruled by the evil Queen Lavana who is stepmother to the sweet, beautiful and mentally ill young lunar named Winter. 
    The way the author Marissa Meyer weaves this story together is incredible; no moon rock is left unturned!  Why is Cinder a Cyborg?  Where did the awful disease Letimosis come from? Why does Iko, Cinder droid, have personality like... well, a person?  Why is the Queen so afraid of "shells"?  Is Wolf good or bad?  What does the Queen want with Scarlett's gran who is a sweet farmer lady?  Why does Cress seek out Cinder?  Does Thorne have the capability of love and heroics?  Why won't Winter use her gift?  Why is Jason loyal to the Queen?  So many questions... but each one will be answered!  Cinder, Cress & Winter are three truly amazing books.  Read them, and you will see!
Image result for cinder book

Oh, I forgot... FAIREST and a collection of short stories follows.
I haven't read them, but I will!

Thursday, June 2, 2016

A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman

     Ove is a grumpy old man, but I couldn't help but love him... I mean truly LOVE him.  It is rare that I connect with a character like I did with Ove, but I found myself understanding him and wanting to know more and more about him.  As Ove goes about his highly structured life day in and day out holding true to his staunch principles and strict routines.  Ove has a short fuse, and people in the neighborhood call him "the bitter neighbor from hell."  Ove points out he's not bitter just because he doesn't walk around with a smile plastered to his face all the time!
     Of course, there is more to Ove than meets the eye which is so often true.  His is story filled with love and laughter and too much sadness for Ove to bear.  As Ove plans his demise a chatty young couple with two young daughters accidentally flatter Ove's mailbox as they are moving in to the house next door.  What ensues is a  seriously funny heartwarming tale of unkempt frozen cats, unexpected friendships and the ancient art of backing up a U-Haul.
     This story made me feel GOOD, and it made me cry... which is truly unheard of when it comes to books!  WOW is all I can say!!!

Friday, January 22, 2016

November 2015 - This is not a test!

Finally got to dress up like a zombie!!!  At least Tara, Tara's mom and Kaylie and I did!  Denise dressed in clothes she found in the dram department of the school we were all trapped in (by zombies, don't ya know) and Hannah, Patty and Ashley were eaten by us zombies for being boring!  We didn't love the book but it doesn't matter b/c we loved the party!